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You probably keep up with online feedback of your restaurant or hotel on common review sites to see how your service rates, but have you checked how you're doing on Glassdoor? ...

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Featured Jobs
Regional Director of Business Development ($100-$150k) Based in any major city
Executive Vice President ($125-$150k) New England
Hotel General Manager ($90-$110k) Des Moines, IA
What Companies Say About
Horizon Hospitality
"The experience with everyone at the company was extremely positive and I am delighted to work with folks who truly care about the needs of their clients. They were very thorough in the pre-screening process and were 100% focused on finding just the right candidate for me."

- Stacy Dierenfeldt  |  General Manager  |  Hyatt Place KCI

"There are many companies out there offering human asset recruitment services, but proof is always in performance. The recruiters at Horizon have been "delivering" without wasting our valuable time doing time consuming pre-interview tasks which is very important to us!"

- Tim Schneider  |  Director of Operations  |  Kinseth Hospitality
Horizon Hospitality continues to maintain its reputation as the most highly respected, results-oriented search firm for restaurants, private clubs, hotels and resorts in the United States.

We understand firsthand the importance, impact and cost of every hiring decision. At Horizon Hospitality, our job is to make this process simpler, faster and more cost-effective for our clients.

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